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Caribbean Life: Scientists map genetic history of humans in the Caribbean

Science Daily: Genetic history of the Caribbean mapped

Généalogie génétique: Diversité génétique dans les Petites Antilles

PLOS One: Genetic Diversity in the Lesser Antilles and It’s Implications for the Settlement of the Caribbean Basin

Human Biology: Racial Experience as an Alternative Operationalization of Race


American Journal of Human Biology: Origins of marronage: Mitochondrial Lineages of Jamaica’s Accompong Town Maroons


National Geographic-Changing Planet: Genetic Research in the Caribbean Goes Deeper Than DNA

Repeating Islands: Unearthing Trinidad’s Carib Ancestry

Repeating Islands: DNA Links Trinidad Caribs to Africa and North America

American Journal of Physical Anthropology: An anthropological genetic perspective on creolization in the anglophone caribbean


PLOS One: Y Chromosome Lineages in Men of the West African Descent


The Prostate: Replication of prostate cancer risk loci on 8q24, 11q13, 17q12, 19q33, and Xp11 in African Americans

Carcinogenesis: Novel single nucleotide polymorphism associations with colorectal cancer on chromosome 8q24 in African and European Americans

Gastroenterology: 768 Novel SNP Associations with Colorectal Cancer on 8q24 and 5q in African and European Americans

Cancer Prevention Research: Race, Genetic West African Ancestry, and Prostate Cancer Prediction by Prostate specific Antigen in Prospectively Screened High-Risk Men


The University of Chicago Chronicle: Genetic variant associated with prostate cancer in African-American men

Genome Research: Confirmation study of prostate cancer risk variants at 8q24 in African Americans identifies a novel risk locus

Annals of Human Genetics: Mitochondrial and Y Chromosome Diversity in the English-Speaking Caribbean

Current Hypertension Reports: The relationship between “race” and genetics in biomedical research

*Background Photo: Accompong Town, Jamaica